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I don't get much mail in my inbox on this blog site. Usually friends and family will reach out on social media or send a comment regarding one of my posts. So, it was a pleasant surprise to hear from Mark this past week and learn that I am inspiring others by what I do. He's a young traveler from the UK who was discovering Laos and ended up spending time volunteering in a very rural part of the country. He blogged about his experience and asked if I could link to his post. Here it is.

My immediate reaction was "I want to return to Laos!" It's been 4 years this week that we all had to leave the country because of Covid-19. Perhaps Mark's piece is telling me something.

Mark's got good information about how he found the opportunity to volunteer in such a remote location. As a newcomer to English-language teaching, Mark did admirably and his comments about his classroom experience at Tonkit School might encourage other would-be volunteers to jump right in and embrace the challenge. Mark is absolutely correct in saying that more English language teacher volunteers are needed in impoverished areas of Laos where economic opportunities are slim. The same holds true of all other developing countries. Be like Mark!

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